What I Write

Some chapters from my books will be available for readers here, you are welcome to check out this blog once in a while.

At the moment, I am preparing the Romantic Russian Phrase Book for publication. Here is a short description of what it is like:

The Romantic Russian Phrase Book is an easy to learn course of conversational Russian for English speakers who are about to visit the Russian speaking world. It was developed specifically for those who are seeking to establish romantic relationships with Russian women.

The phrase book contains 18 thematic units of easy to pronounce, most meaningful phrases to use in multiple life situations during your Russian adventure. You will find hundreds of real life dialogs and examples of romantic communication, numerous tips from the best linguists and relationships experts, useful notes about Russian culture and lifestyle, full audio support,as well as contacts of the author to request additional counseling and/or language training.RRPB_Covers_all_Ness_Bc

Hello world!

Hello, I am happy to start writing this blog, which is going to open a new page in my life: a journey of fiction writing. After spending decades writing research articles and coursebooks for students, believe me, this is a big change. I feel like a bird which finally found its way out of the cage.

I did love what I did before: teaching and research have always been a wonderful world, where I feel at home. But all that work took too much of my time, so I could not focus on writing – the thing which I’d always wanted to do. The time has come now. So, I am out of the cage and can fly! Hello, World of Writing! I am on my way!


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Concrete Dreams

Fiction you can feel.

Critic for Hire

Crash cut to Kevin Bacon dancing in an abandoned warehouse.