Dancing in the Storm

…or a few words about making the right choices.


Whatever happens to us is the result of our recent choices

This statement is not new to anyone: it seems to have been so since the beginning of this world, yet even today, people still seem to remain quite ignorant about how to deal with the choices that float by. We still have no method of making the right choices, which is equal to saying: we, people, don’t know how to deal with luck.

What amazes me even more is the fact that no one even tries to study the phenomenon. It looks like people prefer to be blind when it comes to dealing with luck. I have found a couple of publications in scientific journals, not to mention piles of articles and books about hitting your luck at gambling, but none of those books offers a method (a roadmap, a howto list, a dummies guide), detalizing the steps of dealing with chances and making the wittingly right choices.

So I decided to study the problem, I have given it a few years of my life, and I am hoping to come up with a full size dummies guide to attracting luck some day. Today, all I can offer is a book of urban fantasy, where my fictional characters have the first hand experiences of dealing with Luck, who is a real and very powerful, although immaretial, living being…

The name of the book is WAITING FOR THE DANCE. I am going to post some quotes from it here, in some of my next posts.

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