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Rina is always glad to answer your questions and assist you with her professional online services. Here are just a few of her possible services:

Online counseling in psychology of communication and relationships. Rina has devoted years of life to assisting, guiding and providing counseling to international couples of Russian speaking women and English-speaking men. Please, contact Rina directly to set up a FREE online meeting, where you can share about your individual situation and develop a plan of your further communication and collaboration.

Rina’s Other Services

Romantic English (Online Course) was developed as a result of Rina’s work with international couples of Russian speaking women and English-speaking men. Being in relationship with a foreign man, the Russian-speaking woman needs to quickly learn a certain amount of simple conversational phrases in the first place. She needs them for daily communication with her English-speaking friend. The program of the course is designed specifically for the needs of such women. To assist them, Rina has also written a Romantic English Phrase Book, which contains this necessary minimum of phrases, language notes, and sample dialogs to make the woman’s self-study most effective. The online classes of Romantic English offered by Rina will be adapted to individual needs of the student. Here you can find women’s feedback about their classes with Rina.

Romantic Russian (Online Course) is a perfect tool for English-speakers who are planning trips to visit their romance partners in the Russian speaking world. The course is based on the materials of the Romantic Russian Phrase Book, which Rina authors.

Russian Accent Training (Online Course) is also based on the Romantic Russian Phrase Book and offers mostly the accent on training how to pronounce Russian words and phrases. During these online meetings, Rina provides complete individual assistance to her customers in everything that relates to speaking Russian duting the person’s visit to the Russian speaking cities.



Rina has devoted decades of her life to academia. Besides research work and teaching languages, Rina does online guidance and counseling in psychology of communication and relationships, runs a blog at, and challenges herself with writing fiction in English and Russian. Rina is a very easy-going person, a happy mother and wife, an art lover, and an inspired jogger. is a webshite that offers the latest and greatest video clips, free video and high quality downloads. Keep up to date with the latest singles, highest quality

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