Romantic English Course

“Developing a relationship is like learning a foreign language:  the only way to master it is through communication.” – Rina Tim

The course of Romantic English is an ideal opportunity for your romantic Russian partner to get familiar with your language and culture and to overcome the so-called language barrier. Request the course for her and contact Rina to discuss the details of the service. You can leave all the rest to Rina; she will develop a personal plan of studies for your friend to help her achieve really fast results.

By taking this course, your charming Russian friend will learn the necessary “survival” minimum of conversational English. She will attend 20 hour-long Skype meetings, which will be enough to study exactly as much as she will need to communicate with you. At least 80% of the whole Skype time will be engaged by her active communication with Rina in English, the remaining time is needed for making quick explanations in Russian about the differences between our languages. You are welcome to read more about the structure of this course here.

These online classes are available both, as an individual course, where your friend will meet online one-on-one with Rina, or as a group course, where 4-6 women will be involved into various conversational activities with Rina to achieve the same effect: continuous speaking practice and lots of pleasurable socializing in English.

If you are interested in requesting the course, please contact Rina directly:


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