Russian Accent Training

“You, saying the most important words in her language: this is the most romantic thing your woman is hoping to hear.” – Rina Tim.

Request one or more online meetings in Russian accent training with Rina Tim to prepare for a very important moment of communication with your charming Russian friend. Let Rina help you put your words together in Russian, Rina will suggest you the best way to do this and make sure you can pronounce those words correctly and with the right intonation. When you are about to share the most precious words with your romance partner, being well prepared will give you more confidence and will guarantee her warm, sincere reaction.

Whether you are going to say your important words online or right into her eyes during your visit to her city, you need to be sure you can do it well. If you say in Russian: “Я люблю тебя” (I love you), “Я привёз тебе этот подарок” (I have brought this gift for you) or “Я хочу жениться на тебе” (I want to marry you), her heart will be melted, no doubt. But you need to say this clearly and well. Rina will help you master pronunciation of these (and other) phrases, and of course she will share with you about numerous specific features of the Russian language, culture and lifestyle. You can request just one hour-long online session or a series of meetings, depending on your particular goals and needs.

If you are interested in requesting the service, please contact Rina directly:

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