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Dear Friends, 

the projects listed here are not a part of my academic life and are not connected with my work at university; I run them by myself, for my own pleasure and for the benefit of my friends and online visitors. If you have questions or cooperation ideas, please, contact me directly. I welcome creative communication and will be glad to talk to you. 

2019.  “One on One” Interviews

The idea to conduct a “One on One” series of interviews with English speakers and learners of English appeared when I was developing a course of applied linguistics for my graduate students: I thought it could be great to let them read real life stories of how people of various professions, ages, nationalities and lifestyles use English in their careers and daily lives. Now, when the project is on, you can find those interviews in my Journal.

2018.  English for Career 

This project is aimed at helping young professionals upgrade their English and prepare for job interviews at the start of their careers. The task is a hard one for those who represent non-English speaking countries: they need to outrun competitors and prove to their employers that they are better than anybody else for a certain job. To assist such people, I developed a self-study program of job interview preparation and supplied it with a set of learning materials and exercises, which formed a book, English for Your Job Interview

The book contains 51 units with expert articles about preparing answers to various job interview questions, which are followed by numerous language-training exercises that focus on using appropriate English words, phrases, style and structures in communication with hiring managers during the job interview.

Working the book unit by unit guarantees significant improvement in your active English vocabulary. In addition to this, I strongly suggest you to join our Facebook community and take part in free and friendly communication with its members: there you will have a chance to improve your business communication skills, which are critically important for confident and successful self-presentation in a job interview.

The project English for Your Job Interview involves:

  • my continuous assistance to the readers of the book by providing online and offline counseling in response to their requests;
  • running regularly updated pages of the project on social networks ;
  • writing howto articles on learning English with the purpose of seeking job in international companies;
  • publishing a series of ONE-on-ONE interviews with English-speakers and with those who can share experiences of giving/taking job interviews;
  • creating and publishing related courses of study for students, university graduates and young professionals to assist them in mastering English for successful careers;
  • sharing information on possible ways of preparing for job interviews at the start of career via the blog on this website.

2017.  Romantic English: Learn English with Love


The primary goal of this project was to assist Russian speaking women in learning basic English for communication with their English-speaking friends during their visits to Ukraine, where I used to run a travel-related company Discover Ukraine. I was only planning to conduct regular online meetings to help the women learn simple conversational English, but as soon as I shared the idea with my online community, I started receiving numerous requests for a book — a collection of easy-to-remember Russian phrases with translations and minimal amount of grammar or exercises, to help them quickly adapt to various conversational situations during the visits of their foreign friends. So, I wrote the book. Now, its second, improved edition is about to be published on Amazon.

2016.  Romantic Russian: Learn Russian with Love

RRPB_Hard_Cover_Ness_Bc_smallThe project was started years ago, when I used to run Discover Ukraine, a company that provided informational and travel-related services for foreign visitors to Ukraine. Many of my clients were individual travelers who visited Ukraine in order to meet their romance correspondence partners. They did not intend to study Russian thoroughly, but needed to know some Russian phrases to communicate with local service people (taxi drivers, hotel managers, shop assistants, etc.) and to exchange a few words with their romantic friends in the moments when there was no interpreter around. The Romantic Russian Phrase Book became a result of continuous work with such clients: my associates and I witnessed numerous life situations, where our foreign guests tried to use simple Russian to communicate with local people; we put those phrases together and created the phrase book of 18 thematic units with sample dialogues and simple grammar notes that explain usage of various language structures.

The Romantic Russian Phrase Book is not a coursebook of Russian, but just a set of language ‘instruments’ to assist a traveler in various life situations on the trip. The phrase book quickly became very popular among our clients, and now, years after the company was shut down, I still receive requests for the phrase book once in a while.

Together with my team, we recorded sets of audio files for every unit of the book. If you decide to purchase the Romantic Russian Phrase Book, please, do not hesitate to contact me and I will make sure that you have the working audio files for the book. 

Now, we have created a Facebook page Romantic Russian Online where we unite all interested people and make regular posts about Russian language, lifestyle and culture. 

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