Romantic Russian Course – Description

Below, you can see the general course structure, which is based on learning the “survival” minimum of words and phrases, which you will need to communicate in various life situations during your trip to Russia. This is just a general plan of the course, Rina will develop a unique scheme and style of classes for you, to meet your individual preferences and educational goals. Please, contact Rina to discuss details of the service.

1. How to Be Polite in a Conversation

2. Greetings

3. Your First Meeting

4. Tell Each Other Something Nice

5. Accepting and Making Gifts

6. A Romantic Dinner for Two (this topic may require more than one meeting, as there are really many words to remember with this topic)

7. When the Talk Is Slow

8. Moments of Intimacy

9. Doing Things Together

10. Having Fun Together

11. How to Ask for Things

12. Speaking on the Phone

13. In a Taxi

14. Shopping Together

15. Meeting Your Partner’s Family

16. Conversation Starters

17. Phrases to Use in Love Letters

18. Words to Use in a Conversation

19. General Accent Training

20. General Communication Training

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