Rina Tim

Rina is Ukrainian, her full name is Iryna Tymchenko, but she prefers to write under the pen name Rina Tim, which is easier to pronounce and remember.

Her main and favorite occupation is teaching languages and sharing knowledge about human communication and relationships, though Rina’s services and skills list is much longer. You can find her full professional profile on linkedin.com

Aside from work, Rina loves spending time with her family, reading, writing in the quietness of her home, jogging in cool, crispy mornings, listening to music, enjoying fine arts, and exploring new cities on foot whenever she happens to travel.

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  1. Hi Rina, thank you for following my blog. Interesting to know that you have the same interests as me!


    • Sheeba, thank you very much, too! I keep reading your posts and they are all so inspiring! I love the recipes which you share. I am looking forward to staying in touch and exchanging great information in the future!

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  2. Hi Rina! Glad you liked my post. I’m planning to read your writing…… Poka.

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