Writing Fiction Is an Art


To me, writing fiction has always been equivalent to creating artwork, because it is the art of influencing the personality of your reader, and reading fiction is nothing else but an acquaintance with a new world – the world as it is seen by the author.

Secondly, writing fiction means sharing your vision with others, and sharing is also an art. Like every other art, fiction writing is not supposed to share information – let us leave this to press, television and journalists – it is supposed to provoke emotional reactions, to make the reader feel and suffer.

Gustav Flaubert wrote that the art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. To me, it is also the art of sharing your vision so masterfully that others could see it your way.

Fiction writing is also the art of working with other people’s imagination, which is a lot more difficult than just working with someone’s logics. To master the art, a good writer must be a little of everything: an artist, a linguist, a psychologist, a philosoper, and just an inspired individual who sees the unique sides of this world and can convey his vision to others.

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