Set up Your Online Business in a Week!

“Business opportunities are like buses, there is always another one coming.” Richard Branson

Richard Branson has a unique talent of explaining complex things in a simple way, don’t you think? Looking at his quote, one is ready to believe that catching business opportunities is as easy as catching a bus. Well, every business requires a lot of thinking, planning, effort and investment — if we asked Richard Branson, he would tell us a lot about it. But this post is not about Branson’s approach to business, it is about the first steps that one needs to take today, in the 21st century, if they want to “catch their bus”: in other words, if they want to catch a new business opportunity.

Today, when many of us are looking for ways to start making income online, I am glad to share about an opportunity that my company offers: you can have an online store set up for your business in only one week!  Having an online store would prepare you to catch up with the complex reality of life: the whole world is going online, people adapt to working remotely; services and goods are available as before, but… they are provided distantly!

The process is fast-moving, and it is irreversible. The owners of physical offices and stores are facing the fact that it is no longer profitable to keep their premises. At the same time, the businesses that already work online, are having much better times these days.

How can you catch up with the fast pace of reality? Well, the only answer is- start an online business, too! And take effort to learn how to operate it. Luckily for many newbies, many of those who have online stores or businesses are quite reluctant about learning how to promote them. If you try herd, you have all the chances to win the race. This will be your bus to catch. Just set a goal, set it up and hop on!

Well, these are the five simple steps that my company, CHI Software, offers to those who are ready to set up an online business.

If you already own a website, we can connect a payment (or/and delivery) module to your existing website; If you don’t,

We can set up a whole online business (or store) for you, and you can have it just in one week!

I won’t go deep into details here, but the idea of the service is this:

1) We meet in a chat: we discuss your needs; you answer a number of questions which will help us understand all details and peculiarities of your particular business;

2) Based on this discussion, we make you an offer and sign an agreement of services;

3) As soon as all terms and conditions have been setup, we start working and you remain in touch with us;

4) When the work is finished, we show you the result and meet you online to demonstrate how everything works;

5) You start using your new system of online sales. From this moment and during the forthcoming month, we remain in touch with you to assist you with site operations, marketing of your online services and general orientation in online sales.

Interested? Please, send me a message or email me to:; I will gladly share more details and connect you with my colleagues.

setup and build your business
setup online business and start making sales in a week!
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