Tug of a new novel

Does it only happen to me or is it a common thing? I have not finished polishing my previous novel yet, but that hum of a new plot is already sitting deep in my head and disturbing me like hell! If I don’t start writing in the nearest time, I am going to blow up. On such days, my mind is a moving kaleidoscope, and I am inside it, small and vulnerable, crawling between my own ideas, risking to be smashed, but unable to run away. Scary? Yeah, a bit. The only way out of that kaleidoscope leads me to my table- sugesting to sit down and trust it all to paper.

At this “kaleidoscope” stage I may write numerous sketches: unconnected brain droppings, images, short scenes, fantasies- with all the disturbance it gains me, I love this stage, because it is very similar to dreaming. At times, it captures me so much that I cannot differentiate between dreaming and reality without making a special effort. Human mind is a mysterious thing, indeed.

A new novel is testing my patience these days. I don’t know how much I can hold it before I run to my table and start writing. Maybe till tonight-

with the eye of an artist

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