Romantic Russian Phrase Book finally on sale

Many relationship psychologists are familiar with the term RW/AM relationships. The RW/AM means Russian woman & American man. Yep, however funny this may sound, the differences between the two cultures are immense, yet still immense is their attraction to each other. The boosting development of RW/AM dating industry (and it IS a multimillion insudtry today) made experts give the problem a serious study. Thousands of couples are known to fail in setting up understanding at a very young stage of relationships because they simply don’t understand the motives of each other’s behavior.

So many times in the practice as a relationship counselor I heard from men: “I don’t understand why she is so reserved-” or from women: “I would like him to be more consistent-” These seemingly little misunderstandings are really dangerous, though: they signal about threatening overal misinterpretations of each other. Quite often, I knew simple ways to fix the problem in the very beginning, but this was possible only when both parties were open to learning more about each

other’s cultures.romantic-couple

The Romantic Rusian Phrase Book was written back then, in 2008, but it waited for its time in my table for years. Now, when it is availavle on with a look inside option, I finally got the feeling that finally got what it had deserved long before. It is not only about the language, it is rather not about the language. I tried to show the phrase book users how they can use very little knowledge of common things about each other to develop a solid basis for mutual understanding. I guess this must be similar to living hand in hand with Spanish speakers: when you are familiar with their culture, and when you know a few words to demonstrate this to them, they become more open, they welcome you into communication.

This is even more so with Russians. They melt with pleasure when they hear that a foreigner can say a few words in Russian. I saw this hundreds of times during my practice as a relationship counselor for RW/AM couples. Now, I am glad that the phrase book is finally out in book stores and can serve to hundreds of couples in their romantic Russian adventures.

Here is a link for those who would like to sheck it up or review:

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