A comment on commenting

Just read Amanda Patterson’s tips about commenting on Writers Write. Her list is simple and clear:

  1. Be kind. Be polite.
  2. Leave it alone if you don’t like it.
  3. Don’t preach. 
  4. Leave religion and politics out of it.
  5. Think before you ask.
  6. If you like it, say it.

I agree with them completely. I tought that in fact, most of us never take commenting seriously. I mean, we quickly look through an article, grasp the general idea and move on. Excuse me for this ugly comparison, but it is identical to dogs marking territory. We have no time to think over what we just read because there are so many other articles out there, so we leave a couple of words here and there and never care to slow down.


Whenever we write anything, we should keep in mind that our mind droppings may not look nice for everyone. Opinions – especially strong ones – are for personal blogs, while commenting is just like wagging your tail, meaning to say, “Well done, thank you, keep on writing!”

Happy Cartoon Dog Wagging Tail


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