How Not To Spoil Your St.Valentine’s Day


Believe it or not, but science warns us that St.Valentine’s Day celebrations can ruin relationships for couples, rather than boost them. Statistically, the risk of breaking up a week before or a week right after this holiday is 2.5 times higher than in any other time of the year. Well, the explanation to this is quite  obvious: couples have high expectations, which may not come true, and then the risk of breaking up becomes a lot more probable. How can you avoid the risk?

  1. Do not get enticed by any last-minute ideas of presents or celebrations. If you have been thinking it over for a while and finally came up with something, but still feel a bit uncertain about the gift, the gift you already have is probably much better than an idea suggested by a friend during a lunch-break, because that guy has a different woman, and he probably knows her well. Just pick up something that your friend will certainly like, because he (she) has always liked it.
  2. Try to avoid very big arrangements, big expenses or anything that would look really “not like usual you” to your partner. Whatever you prepare for them may excite you, but equally, it may freak them out a little bit.
  3. You should not surprise your partner with super sexy ideas like turning up naked or anything that you had not practiced before. Too much of surprise may end up in disappointment for both.


4. Do not make serious holiday arrangements if February, 14-th happens to be your first date. On the very first date both people should remain themselves, be attentive to each other, and try to move on slowly until they get to know each other really well.

5. On St.Valentine’s Day you simply have no right to forget things! It will kill your partner if you kiss them and say, “Oh, damn, it seems I have left your gift at home!” Do NOT forget anything if you don’t want a break up.

6. You’d better NOT give your partner a Valentine’s Day card. It may look a bit cheap. If you care really much for your dear friend, make them a really nice present, or simply be lovable, attentive, and charming. Giving your partner a card is not a way to display any of these three qualities.

7. Try not to burn your holiday food and if you count on having a romantic dinner in a restaurant, all arrangements must be made well in advance and everything should work well there.

8. Buying very extravagant gifts, as well as making some personal gifts (like underwear, for example) is risky. Just leave this for some other time. Buy something nice for your friend instead – something that you are sure he (she) will appreciate.

And the last suggestion:

9. Be really charming and attentive to your partner on this day. This is the key to real romance. Both, men and women love being taken care of, so why not give this pleasure to them and live this whole day just for them?

Wishing you good luck for this coming holiday!

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