The Unknown, but Gorgeous Sights of Ukraine


Recently, Ukraine has been known mostly as a huge 40-million country to the east from Europe, which is being continuously challenged by geopolitical battles taking place in and around it. At the same time, numerous facts about the country are never brought up by any media, and today I would like to focus on Ukraine’s beautiful nature, because- what can be better than spending a vacation in a quiet place away from large cities, with beautiful nature behind the window and a plate of the most tasty food on your table after a long walk in the fresh, crispy air?

Here are a few sights of Ukraine you have probably never heard of.

The above photo features Kolochava village, which is called the longest village in Ukraine, as it stretches along the hills to 40km! There are ten ethno-museums located in the village, so you will never be bored there.


The name of Bakota village in Khmelnitskiy region is translated as “an always desired place”. It used to be the capital of Podillya back in the 13-th century, then it survived a very big many of historical events and today it is a small tourist place for those who love moderate climate and peaceful rest in the mountains.


Dzembroniya village in Ivano-Frankivsk region is called “a place where clouds are born”. Famous Ukrainian poets and writers used to stay here to get inspiration from its gorgeous nature.


Mezin, Chernihiv region lies on the side of Desna river. Archaeological findings of Paleolite epoch attract scientists and tourists here. The beautiful forests located around the village have gained it a second name – “Mezinska Switserland”.


Oposhnya (Poltava region) is also one of the most picturesque areas of the country. It is also a Mekka for ceramists and potters.


Iza (in Zakarpattya) is the center of basket-weaving. You can learn the craft here, right from the local masters, and also Iza is famous for producing the best cheeses ever!


Strusov, a village in Ternopyl region, is a beloved place for many travelers. The place has a long and the most exciting history, which has become immortal due to the ancient cave-church of St.Anthony and an old castle of Knight Goluhovsky.


Kamennoye village in Zhytomir region is regarded the healthiest place in the world, where everyone can heal their diseases. You will find a beautiful hodgepodge of huge rocks with natural caves that look like houses (though nobody lives there); the mysterious landscape of the place has given way to numerous legends, ballads and tales.


Trikraty (Mykolaiv region) is associated with a kossack family of Skarzhynski, one of whom devoted his life to studying botany and local plants. There are three famous nature parks in the area, and a beautiful Aktovsky Canyon, also known as “Devil’s Valley”.


In Lviv area, the old castle of Pidhirtsy has been called the local “Galician Versailles”. Right near and around the castle, a beautiful parkland and St.Josef Roman Catholic church are located.


Roztoki (Chernivtsy region) is a beautiful landscape nature park with its seven Bukovinski waterfalls and gorgeous hilly forests everywhere around.


A blue-water lake Synevir and a tiny village around it attracts those who seek the fresh air and peaceful vacation away from people and civilization.


Cherkassy region has its own peaceful corner: Morintsy village with a museum of Taras Shevchenko, the most beloved Ukrainian poet, painter and thinker, who was born here.


Trypillya (Tripole) is a worldly known town today due to the archaeological findings made by Vikentiy Hvoika, who excavated numerous items of the previously unknown ancient culture.Hvoika’s sensational discovery brought lots of attention to the place. Today, there are two museums in the town, where tourists can learn about the unique culture of the ancient local dwellers.

This list is certainly not full. Ukraine is uniquely rich in natural sights, qunique cultural traditions, and history, so everyone who is interested is welcome to visit and is guaranteed to never be bored here.

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