Success or Luck?


Well I can’t agree more with Denzel Washington’s words that being in luck means being prepared to face an opportunity. That simple? Wow!

Through years of watching how luck leaves its traces in people’s lives, I have come to believe that luck is simply a state of mind, which everyone can achieve by developing a certain approach to life and to the surrounding world. Many people, however, misinterpret the notions of luck and success. They try really hard to be lucky, yet give little to no attention to achieving success, while in fact, they shoud be doing it quite the opposite way.

So, what is the difference between luck and success?

SUCCESS is always a result of a process. It reflects the outcome of some effort, which means that achieving success is impossible without certain knowledge, skills, and a set of conditions which must come together at a certain point of time to make success possible.

LUCK has a diferent nature. It does not require any of the above stuff, because luck exists independently of us, it even exists independently of time. It is simply here, and there, and everywhere. Luck always turns up like a coincidence to us, but to luck itself, coincidences do not exist. Luck is permanent, continuous, eternal, omnipresent, and completely independent. The one who can take this as a given, has all chances to become lucky.



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