How to Attract a Woman: Some First Date Ideas

Every guy wants to be able to attract women, but quite often this task proves to be more difficult than it seems at the first sight. To simplify the task, let us take a look at the woman’s expectations of the first date. A man who knows how attraction works from a female perspective can develop a successful approach to building the desired connection with his girlfriend.


1. First of all, you should never forget that women are attracted to confident men. A confident man tends to perform more successfully in every element of his life and the woman will never fail to notice and appreciate this. She seeks a strong, protective shoulder (even if she states something different). Your confident look and behavior will certainly attract her attention.

2. Women are attracted to men, who take good care of their looks. This does not mean that the guy must be handsome (I have heard quite opposite confessions from women, by the way), but a nice-looking, neat, well-dressed guy, who is apparently not indifferent to his hair, skin, clothes, and style, has a lot more potential with women.


3. Every woman loves men, who can control their own facial expressions, gestures, bodily reactions, and general behavior. If you remain good-tempered and smiling during the first date, you have very good chances that she will grow attracted to you.

4. Your walk plays an important role, too. If you still don’t have it, try and develop a pace of a busy, self-respecting man. The good news is that you can learn such skills quite quickly and use them with success in every other aspect of your life.

5. Keeping eye contact with your woman and doing it naturally is a good tip, too. At all times, try to look natural. When meeting a new person, many of us feel shy and even a little uncomfortable. If you train yourself not to show your nervousness, this skill will soon become a part of your success image, and will work in your favor in all situations of communication.


If you have these simple, but powerful skills, you will little by little develop a new image of a confident, successful person, and I am sure your women will adore it.

Now, let us take a quick look at a few common first-date mistakes which prevent men from being successful with women. These notes were made by Slavic women while they were looking at pictures of first dates. You may not agree with these notes, but this is how women see it!

a) “This guy looks like he is a bit narcissistic, he must be talking too much about his chores, which makes the whole date quite boring. Also, he slouches, which produces a subconscious feeling that the man has no backbone.” Nadya T.

b) “This lad is too relaxed, and he is certainly there for his own pleasure. I would not go out with him another time, he is too self-centered. A polite guy whould at least try to show his girl that he is there for her, not just for his own fun.” Alina B.


c) “It seems this guy does not know what to do with his girl. Probably, he has been through some failures with women before, and now he is simply afraid to do or say anything. I am pretty sure this woman is thinking about a polite excuse to finish the date and go home. The guy looks nice and smart, by the way. I think he could be a great man for some woman, but he needs to overcome his fears first.” Oxana N.



d) “This guy looks quite confident, and he certainly knows how to date. But it seems he is a little too fast to use his hands… you know what I mean. He has no other thoughts and he can’t talk about anything else but sex. The romance of the moment is lost and the girl is moving away from him, you see? I think he failed to show her his personality. Life, and even dating, is not only about sex.” Olga K.


e) “Oh, no! No-no-no! This is the biggest mistake to make! The rule No.1 of dating says: focus on your woman, and only on her! You can’t look at other girls in such moments! This is impolite to your woman, not to say more.” Olga K.


f) “Apparently, this man talks too much about himself. The dinner has not begun yet and the girl is already bored to death. The guy looks nice, he must be a successful and confident type, but it does not look like he carres about his woman at all.” Irina V.


g) “This guy must be an inexperienced type, or maybe he belongs to those always-nice, modest, righteous guys… I don’t know… I think he should be thankful to this woman for being brave and taking the first step torward him. If she did not kiss him, he would never dare to approach her. In fact, she is showing him what we, women, like so much: the spontaneous action, driven by desire. Why not? In my opinion, a smart guy would never move away from the woman at such moment.” Zhanna P.


g) “Oh, I remember that scene… I felt really sorry for that guy in the scene, because he looked so nice, very well-bred, and he was so patient and understanding. But I think he could perform a bit better if he took control of the situation from the very beginning. He is a bit too modest… no, rather, he looks… mm… indecisive. I also think he could wear a shirt of a brighter color… this would make him a bit more noticeable. Women are attracted to bright personalities, and this guy is just…mm ordinary.” Alla R.



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  1. I like the comical way portrayed, yet, it is sad but true. Thanks!!!

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