Overcoming the Burden of Laziness


“My ambition is handicapped by laziness,” Charles Bukowsky used to say. This is true: laziness is a powerful weapon of self-destruction, which “sits” inside us and waits for the moment when we are emotionally weak to immediately spread up and take full possession of our body and mind. Laziness happens when we don’t want to face something, like a boring chore or a difficult confrontation with someone, it comes up when we feel overwhelmed or when we look for an excuse not to do adifficult task. It also comes when we feel like pitying ourselves… To put it shortly, it comes every day and tests our resistance mechanism for weak spots in order to conquer us completely.

I don’t know a single person who would not know the problem of laziness, it seems to be an inseparable part of every living being. How can we struggle and overcome it then? It seems, the solution is in the power of our mind.

To “scare” laziness away, one needs to develop a certain attitude to doing things. It is a known fact that laziness cannot conquer the inspired ones: those who are motivated to doing something that they find necessary, exciting and useful.

  • laziness-3If you don’t want to leave your laziness any chance, you should do the following things, which, in fact, are directly the opposite to the behavior of your cat, if you have one. Here they are:
  • Exercise daily;
  • Sleep well and rest;
  • Stay motivated (you can learn and develop this skill);
  • adapt yourself to doing the same thing(s) just for a few minutes, but daily;
  • have a vision of who you are and who you want to be;
  • when you do things, try to do one thing at a time;
  • develop your own rhythm –  your personal pace of life and follow it all the time;
  • try to always think positively;
  • do not procrastinate;
  • think of benefits, believe in the effectiveness of your actions;
  • learn from successful people;
  • avoid comminication with people who like to complain about everything;
  • stay healthy; and
  • try to be optimistic in every life situation that comes.



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