Why I wrote a book about luck


I remember having a dream once. In it, I was trying to figure out why I never give enough thinking to the problrem of luck. I was talking to a woman from work, who I hardly knew then, so even in the dream I asked myself in surprise: “Why am I seeing her in the dream? I never even think about her in real life.”

The woman was staring at me in the dream, and when I looked up, she said: “Luck is a spirit that lives in you until you fail to please it one day.”

“Really? What happens then?” I asked.

“It leaves you, so you lose your luck,” she said. And then, seeing that I was not paying attention, she added: “You don’t believe me. Too bad. It means that you lost yours ages ago.”

I woke up with a nasty feeling of having lost something, and that feeling kept coming back to me again and again during that day. Since then, I started thinking about luck. Later, I made Luck the narrator of my first novel.

I never happened to speak to that woman in real life after the dream. She left our team soon after that, and I did not hear about her for years. Just a few days ago, I ran across an old colleague in the street and we stopped for a few minutes to exchange some news and gossips – you know, the usual stuff. The first thing I heard from my colleague was the news that our former co-worker – the one from my dream – has been ill lately, and that she nearly lost her mind after a nasty divorce, resulting from an even nastier affair with another man, which also ended in nothing, but trouble.

I have been wondering: did she fail to please her luck at some point?

Kurt Vonnegut’s Letter to the Future Must Be Taken Seriously Today.


In 1988, Kurt Vonnegut wrote his famous Letter to the Future and addressed it to Ladies & Gentlemen of A.D. 2088. In it, Vonnegut expressed hope that people of the future would stop “choosing abysmally ignorant optimists for positions of leadership.” But alas! Nearly thirty years after the letter was written, people seem to be exactly the same, yet the situation with climate, pollution, uncontrolled population growth, mass ignorance and aggression has worsened dramatically. It is really time to take action in response to K.Vonnegut’s Letter, because, as funny as it sounds, the future has arrived sooner than anybody could anticipate.

K.Vonnegut’s words sound especially notable today, less than a week before the USA elections – the event which is going to influence the lives of all population of the world.

Kurt Vonnegut suggested a few simple steps to take, but these steps could literally save the world today. The sad thing is that time seems to have accelerated for us: the future has arrived, and if we decide to wait till 2088, there may be no Ladies and Gentlemen to read Vonnegut’s letter than.

Here are a few lines from K.Vonnegut’s letter to the Future:

“The sort of leaders we need now are not those who promise ultimate victory over Nature through perseverance in living as we do right now, but those with the courage and intelligence to present to the world what appears to be Nature’s stern but reasonable surrender terms:

1. Reduce and stabilize your population.

2. Stop poisoning the air, the water, and the topsoil.

3. Stop preparing for war and start dealing with your real problems.

4. Teach your kids, and yourselves, too, while you’re at it, how to inhabit a small planet without helping to kill it.

5. Stop thinking science can fix anything if you give it a trillion dollars.

6. Stop thinking your grandchildren will be OK no matter how wasteful or destructive you may be, since they can go to a nice new planet on a spaceship. That is really mean, and stupid…

7. And so on. Or else.”

Annual Best Book Ratings: Objective or Not?

In my opinion, a book should only be rated decades after it was published, when thousands of readers have lived through it and agreed: “this book has changed us”. Today, I would rather rate the books published in the 1990-es, that would be more objective.
Anyway, thanks to Publishers Weekly for the job of putting together and highlighting some information on the most recent publications for us. With all the mass of books being published every year, it is becoming almost impossible to pick out really good books without the help of such ratings.

http://best-books.publishersweekly.com/pw/best-books/2016/top-10#book/book-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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