Success or Luck?


Well I can’t agree more with Denzel Washington’s words that being in luck means being prepared to face an opportunity. That simple? Wow!

Through years of watching how luck leaves its traces in people’s lives, I have come to believe that luck is simply a state of mind, which everyone can achieve by developing a certain approach to life and to the surrounding world. Many people, however, misinterpret the notions of luck and success. They try really hard to be lucky, yet give little to no attention to achieving success, while in fact, they shoud be doing it quite the opposite way.

So, what is the difference between luck and success?

SUCCESS is always a result of a process. It reflects the outcome of some effort, which means that achieving success is impossible without certain knowledge, skills, and a set of conditions which must come together at a certain point of time to make success possible.

LUCK has a diferent nature. It does not require any of the above stuff, because luck exists independently of us, it even exists independently of time. It is simply here, and there, and everywhere. Luck always turns up like a coincidence to us, but to luck itself, coincidences do not exist. Luck is permanent, continuous, eternal, omnipresent, and completely independent. The one who can take this as a given, has all chances to become lucky.



Fear Is the Root of Our Failures


An exerpt from WAITING FOR THE DANCE. This is what Luck herself thinks about people’s fears:

“In human society, lack of communication has been known as a common fallacy, it always keeps abreast of the human race. Inability to keep dialog leads millions to misery, sufferings and death, yet even today, millennia after people had learned to speak, they still seem to underrate the simplest anti–conflict remedy of all – conversation. Their reason for being so closed up is ridiculous: fear, trivial fear of looking stupid in the eyes of others, because in human society, the one who speaks the least is considered the wisest. Following common delusion, Boris did exactly what other people traditionally do: he said nothing to Inga about the weird situation during their BMW ride with Alec that morning.

Hmm. Fear again. It looks like it rules over each and every decision in the human world. The fear of losing one’s body or having it hurt determines human behavior; fear hampers the work of brain, narrows horizons, limits the mind’s capacity to only using well–tested, familiar behavioral models. It is a funny paradox; the human brain, which is supposed to be trying to free itself from the prison of its vulnerable body, deliberately hampers its own work by continuously producing fear to ensure the body protection against undesired influences, simply because no brain can live without a body! It looks like the Creator’s idea of a bad joke to me. However, people never have enough confidence to judge the Creator, so they prefer to accept things as they are.”

Annual Best Book Ratings: Objective or Not?

In my opinion, a book should only be rated decades after it was published, when thousands of readers have lived through it and agreed: “this book has changed us”. Today, I would rather rate the books published in the 1990-es, that would be more objective.
Anyway, thanks to Publishers Weekly for the job of putting together and highlighting some information on the most recent publications for us. With all the mass of books being published every year, it is becoming almost impossible to pick out really good books without the help of such ratings. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Blogging Is an Introvert’s Torture

Female student writing at desk

Blogging is a real torture for me as an incurable introvert.

(Here comes a 15-minute break sipping cold coffee and blankly looking at the line above.)

No. Blogging is not my strong side.

(5 more minutes of heavy thinking here.)

It feels like talking to a wall when you have to share your thoughts to a blog instead of chatting with a real audience. Having spent decades working with large and small groups of people every day, I am used to seeing people’s faces and receiving immediate reaction to everything I say. But blogging makes me feel like I have a sleeping patch on my eyes and a helmet over my ears. I must confess: to me, there is nothing cool about sharing my thoughts to invisible audiences. I guess, I am a bit old-fashioned here.

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