Leo Tolstoy and His Twitts


If Leo Tolstoy lived today, he would probably sue Twitter for limiting his ability to express his ideas in their full length and beauty… or maybe he would not because, believe it or not, Tolstoy has written hundreds of short, yet astoundingly wise sayings, for which Twitter gurus must envy him. Here are a few of them:

  • Power of one person over another kills the powerful one first. (Власть одного человека над другим губит прежде всего властвующего.)
  • Patriotism is slavery. (Патриотизм есть рабство.)
  • Live your life so that you don’t have to be afraid of death or desire it. (Надо жить так, чтобы не бояться смерти и не желать её.)
  • I am positive that the world is being ruled by insane people. (Я серьезно убежден, что миром правят совсем сумасшедшие.)
  • Do not be afraid of lack of knowledge; be afraid of false knowledge. In it is the root of the world’s evil. (Не бойся незнания, бойся ложного знания. От него все зло.)

I will gladly share more in my future posts. I would not want to overload every poist with information, and these five short statements by the great thinker can “load” one’s mind for all day! Do you agree with me?

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