Relationship Tips: How to make your woman think warmly about you all day?

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Well, the answer to this one seems simple: comfort her, physically and emotionally.

If you want her to remember you again and again during the day, it makes sense to impress her with something in the morning, so she can carry her good memory of the morning with her, wherever she goes during the day. It would be a good idea to let her have something that she can keep with her to remind about you during the day.

Here are a few ideas:

– Set her favorite melody on her phone so she can hear it when she receives calls or messages (I hope it goes without saying that in some cases this would not be a good idea, if, for example, she dislikes speaking on the phone at all).

– if she usually takes lunches to work, make it for her, put in a short note for her, pack it nicely, and let her take it to her office (again, if you have been in a relationship for a while, you know her particular do’s and don’ts, so you won’t make a mistake with that lunch!).

– make her a little gift – a trinket, a small figurine to put on her working table, a pen holder – whatever you can think of, and give it to her at a very nice, tender moment, so she can associate it with your intimate relationship. Then, every time her eye falls on this little gift, she will remember you.

– buy her a pass for a beauty salon (a gym, a master class which she’d mentioned – think of anything that had been discussing or mentioned) or just get her a gift card to her favorite store and put it into her bag in an envelope which would also have a short love note from you). It will be especially pleasant to her if you do this in the morning after a great night together, or simply if you do it without a special reason, when she absolutely does not expect any gifts. She will be thrilled, I promise.

– another good idea of a present is a shawl or a kerchief – some item which she can take to her office and keep it there in case she needs to cover her shoulders.

– You can, of course, make her a bigger present – a good phone, a tablet, a laptop, or any other gadget which she will need to use every day, so it will always be with her. Remember, though, that if you want this item to associate with you in her mind, you need to build that mind connection for her. Think over the moment of giving her this gift and make sure this moment is romantic, tender, and causes her only pleasant emotions.

All these ideas go down to thinking over and preparing a nice surprise for her. If you know your woman well enough, you will come up with the right idea, no doubt. Surprise her with your tenderness, attention, and care, not the money. Women adore this. She will appreciate this, I am sure.

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