Fifty Weeks Pregnant


(micro fiction, one minute read)

My roommate Lena was so busy dating our group leader last year that she missed almost all of her math classes. The night before the final exam she went to bed without even opening her coursebook.

In the morning, I had to leave early, so I only met Lena in the examination room. What I saw left me speechless: she looked pale, she was sweating and panting, and from under her loose summer dress protruded a huge, round stomach!

The teacher was throwing sympathetic looks at his pregnant student.

Would you like to go first?” He suggested. “You certainly want to leave this room as soon as possible.”

Yes, thank you,” Lena agreed.

All right, then. I have only one task for you,” said the teacher. “Solve it, and you are free to go. Here is the task. How many weeks pregnant is the woman, whose boyfriend came to me exactly six months ago to tell that his twenty-six week pregnant girlfriend was not feeling well and would not attend the fall semester test?”

What makes a woman beautiful?

“Things are beautiful if you love them.” Jean Anouilh

Is female beauty an inborn gift? Is it genetics that makes a woman charming? Well, I really doubt it. Some women, of course, are born with lucky genetics, but I strongly believe that it takes effort and time to really be one.

I used to meet hundreds of women when I actively worked as a relationship counselor. Some of my female clients were gorgeous, other were classically beautiful, some were just pretty, and even a few who looked kind of indifferent to how they looked- All women belonged to very different genetics types, but somehow I often caught myself on making mind notes: This woman is gorgeous, while that one is just pretty. Every time in such moments I was wondering: How could I identify beauty? And also, what secret makes this woman look gorgeous, while that one is just good looking?

Konstantin Razumov - (29)

I started reading about the topic. First of all, I learned with surprise that what makes all people agree about female beauty is- facial averageness! Multiple experiments brought cientists to a conclusion that the common factors producing the “sense” of female beauty are: facial averageness (how much/little a woman’s face deviates from traditionally accepted norm), facial sexual-dimorphism (how traditionally “feminine” a woman’s face is), facial maturity (how young the face looks), and facial fluctuating asymmetry (how inherently symmetrical the face is). The faces most consistently rated as “prettiest” by both men and women were the most symmetrical.

Sounds quite boring, doesn’t it? According to science, the best thing to do for a woman who wants to look beautiful is to learn what is accepted as an average “norm of beauty”, and start from there. Still, I believe that it is a woman’s unique image that makes her really attractive. A beautiful woman has charm. And charm is uniqueness. It may be a little birth mark on the upper lip, or a curly strand of hair falling on her forehead, or a peculiar shape of her eyebrows – something that pushes her out of the norm rather than keeps her in the crowd. A woman who managed to find her peculiar trait and knows how to use it to her advantage, will certainly hear behind her shoulder some day, “Oh, what a beauty! She’s gorgeous!”

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